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Welcome to Woodpeckers Class!

Woodpeckers have had a very busy and exciting start to Year Four!  We are enjoyed our Flight topic, planning and carrying out parachute experiments and learning about the History of Flight in topic lessons.  We loved our day at Duxford on Monday 21st September, the children were amazed by the Concorde and the sheer size of many of the aircraft! They were a credit to the school and their families.  We has a very exciting visit from an Airline Pilot on the 5th October, see some pictures on our visitors page!  Now we are looking forward to starting our new topic all about The Roman Empire, having found a time capsule with what seemed to be Roman items in before half term!  We enjoyed our Roman Day, making a real Roman recipe for biscuits for our Roman Feast and creating oil lamps from clay!  We also learnt about life in the Roman Army with battle practise and shield making, and even learnt some Latin words and Roman Numerals!

The Woodpeckers settled well into the Spring Term and  had lots of good planning ideas for their new Tribe Topic! We enjoyed meeting Mrs Frayne and learning all about the African art and sculptures that she brought with her, she really sparked our interest!  We have made our  African masks,  learnt more about Kenya and written our own Anansi spider story.  Our classroom has been looking very colourful with African patterns and designs!

We enjoyed a walk around Cambourne on Tuesday 23rd February to kick start our "Home Sweet Home" topic!  Some photographs of us using our map skills can be found on the trips page.  We were very careful with our four and six figure grid references, and all agreed that Cambourne is a lovely place for us to live in!  We rounded off our Local Study with some beautiful sculptures, designed and made by The Woodpeckers to reflect our lives in Cambourne.  We also had a visit to the library to learn about what an important resource it is for us all, and to choose books!  We are all very proud of our wonderful performances in the Lion King in March, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!  The Woodpeckers have learnt more about The Anglo Saxons after our interesting and fun day visiting West Stow Anglo Saxon Village .  We have had a great time designing and making our own shields and helmets, and found out more about some Anglo Saxon rulers and customs.  We  enjoyed handling replica artefacts and really enjoyed eating our home made Anglo Saxon bread, vegetable stew and reading our Beowolf stories around the fire to end our topic!  

To begin the last half term of the year the Woodpeckers have had fun researching and making their own Amazon Rainforest in the classroom, which is looking wonderful and shows all the layers of the Rainforest.  They have had the opportunity to plan activities for their new "Rio to the Rainforest" topic and we are looking forward to seeing the results!  We were very proud of our performance of "Antony and Cleopatra" for Shakespeare week, and our class assembly on the 24th June.  Our special slideshow is available for you to see on our class pages now!  The Woodpeckers enjoyed their visits to their new classes, and we are enjoying our last few days as Woodpeckers altogether.  To finish our topic we are making leaflets about Brazil and trying a Brazilian cake recipe!  Have a very happy holiday everyone!


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