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How to get MyMaths to work on a phone or tablet


1) Go to the App Store/Play Store on your device.


2) Search for ‘Puffin Academy’ and download it. This is a free app.


3) Once Puffin Academy has downloaded, open the App.


4) Search for ‘mymaths’ in the search bar, this can be located at the top right hand side of the screen.


5) Select ‘mymaths’. You should then see a screen that contains a description of mymaths.


6) To the right of the mymaths icon you should see the option: ‘go to Tap this and mymaths should open inside the Puffin Academy app. Mymaths should then work as it does on a Windows PC.


7) To use mymaths in future, simply load up the Puffin Academy app.


If the mymaths login in screen is not displayed, repeat steps 4 – 6.


If the above method doesn’t work, try downloading the browser app 'Photon' or the Educational browser app called 'Rover'

Year 5 Homework 5/12/16