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VIAM 2017

VIAM 2017


On Thursday 9th March, 73 children from our fantastic choir spent a brilliant day performing at the Voice in a Million concert at Wembley Arena in London. After a busy afternoon rehearsing the choir were very excited when the parents arrived. Our seats were amazing and so close to the stage. The concert itself was so much fun as we hope the pictures below will show. 

After Easter the choir will give a special performance to their parents singing songs from the show, we then will start to prepare for the school fete.

Picture 1 Carrying the banner to the venue
Picture 2 In our seats and wow they were brilliant!
Picture 3 Getting excited!
Picture 4 Can we start now?
Picture 5 Yay!!
Picture 6 A different use for the glow sticks...
Picture 7 ..and another
Picture 8 Yay we were on the big screen..
Picture 9 Rehearsal
Picture 10 Loving their singing
Picture 11 Hi!!
Picture 12 The screen was very close by.
Picture 13 Just spotted the parents.
Picture 14 There they are !!
Picture 15 All ready to go..
Picture 16 Let's go... bringing our banner on stage
Picture 17 Having fun!!
Picture 18 The arena is huge!!
Picture 19 Half time rest.
Picture 20 Not getting tired yet.
Picture 21 Getting ready to sing again.
Picture 1 A quick picture with Road Trip.

The choir sings Uptown Funk...check out the moves

Still image for this video