We will be welcoming our children and parents back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019. Enjoy your summer break!
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In Science we will investigate how to light a bulb using a circuit. We will create our own experiments and record our own data.

We will also look at plants and identify the different parts of a plant. We will do this through creating and labelling plant pictures.



In science we will be looking at the seasons and the weather changes across them. We will also be watching closely out of the window to see if we can spot any changes in daylight and the length of a day.



In Science this term Emperor Zurg has asked us to design an old fashioned peg doll. He needs our help in discovering the best materials to use for the doll. What should the body be made from? What would be the best material to use for the dolls hair? She will need a waterproof cloak as well! What should we use? The children will finish the series of Science lessons by making their own peg doll, following the results of their testing, to use the most appropriate materials.