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This week in Ladybirds we've been busy learning lots of new things! In Maths we practised finding the difference between two numbers using thermometers, as well as adding on a number line to help us. In English we finished off some pieces of story writing and designed front covers for our own Tinga Tinga Tale.

On Wednesday we all had our passports at the ready as we set off for our Geography day, 'Road to Rio'! In KS1 we moved between France, Spain, Greece and Italy. We sampled lots of food from these countries and even got to make our own pitta pizza! We learnt about the culture, language and customs of these countries and learnt to recognise their flags. It was a busy day but we had lots of fun.

On Thursday and Friday we had the exciting chance to see what life in Year 3 is like! We all moved up to our class for next year - either Rabbits or Squirrels - and got to meet our new teachers. They had lots of fun maths, art and English activities for us, including making our own rabbit or squirrel hat! We're now all very excited and looking forward to being in Year 3!


We hope you have a nice weekend and we will see you on Monday,


Year 2 Team.


I can't believe it's July already! Time is flying by so fast. This week we have begun writing our own Tinga Tinga stories such as 'Why Zebra has Stripes' and 'Why Peacock has a Tail'. In maths we have brushed up on our multiplying and dividing skills, using a number line and doing the inverse operation to check if we are correct. We even moved on to solving division problems with remainders! In art we have been very busy making our own African-inspired masks: we looked at Miss Dawkins' real African masks and some jungle prints for inspiration.  In keeping with our African theme we also practiced some African drumming in music. Finally, we have had a lot of fun in PE practising some key football skills with Mr Bridges.


We would like to say a big thank you to those who were able to make it along to the assembly this morning. We had a lot of fun preparing all our bits and pieces and felt really proud that we were able to show them off! 


Finally, just a reminder that our 'Road to Rio' Geography day is on Wednesday - please come dressed as a European country of your choice. Transition days are on Thursday and Friday - we will talk to your children about this closer to the time.


Year 2 Team


What a busy week it has been! We have been very creative this week, designing our very own African masks. We tried to make sure our design was authentic and symmetrical. They are going to look great when we make them so thank you to all those children who brought in cardboard boxes. In science this week we started an investigation into what plants need to survive. We set up a control sunflower seed with soil, water, air and light, as well as 4 sunflower seeds missing one of the above. Let's see how tall they grow. We also planted our very own cress seeds. Look forward to egg and cress sandwiches next week! In maths we have been recapping time and measure. In English we have been thinking about character description of our Tinga Tinga animals. A good week!


PS Remember it is Ladybird's class assembly next Friday (1st July).

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We've had a great week this week in Ladybirds filled with lots of learning! In maths we were improving our estimating skills so we can check whether our answers are in the correct range. We also learned inverse operations so we now know that subtraction is the opposite of addition, and division is the opposite of multiplication! Hopefully we will see lots of fun posters explaining this for homework. 


In English we were writing up our fact pages for our topic 'Into the Wild'. We learnt lots of interesting facts from each other about many different animals such as lions, zebras and rampaging rhinos! Did you know that no two zebras have the same patterns of stripes?

We've also had lots of fun making things in Art - you'll find out what on Sunday! 


Finally, we are all looking forward to a fun-filled and hopefully dry sports day tomorrow! Remember to wear a T-shirt to match the colour of your house: Air - Yellow; Water - Blue; Earth - Green; Fire - Red. 


Year 2 Team


What a wonderful first week back it's been! We had a lovely, sunny two days at Burwell House where we played lots of games such as Burwell Fox and took part in different nature-based activities e.g. Andy Goldsworthy-inspired natural art, pond-dipping,  a rainbow scavenger hunt and lots more! We enjoyed lots of yummy food including a BBQ lunch on our last day. We had a fantastic time (despite the horrible hayfever a lot of us suffered from.) Once back to normality, we began by writing thank you letters to Burwell House. We ensured these had a variety of sentence types and punctuation. We then found out our new topic was Into the Wild (focusing  on Africa), which the children were very excited to begin. We have completed some art work looking at patterns found in nature, and had fun afternoon exploring our new topic. After what seems like a long week our Fete is finally here. See you all there!

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This week we have been re-reading and editing our Winnie the Witch adventure stories. In our purple polishing pens we checked our punctuation, our spelling and ensured we had a variety of sentence types. On Wednesday, we had a Mad Science Day, we really enjoyed moving around all of the different KS1 classrooms to discover what experiments were in store for us - we learnt all about forces including magnets and friction. 


Enjoy the half term break - we look forward to seeing you on Monday 6th June, when we will be off on our Year 2 residential to Burwell House :) We can't wait! 

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This week has been a very busy week as the Ladybirds have  been completing English and Maths papers for Miss Dawkins. They persevered and worked super hard so they received a little surprise this afternoon with a giant cookie, saying 'You are Stars, Ladybirds!'
The rest of the time they have been creating some intricate, traced drawings in art; brushing up on their reading comprehension skills;  and editing their English stories about Winnie the Witch to check for correct punctuation, and whether they have included a variety of sentence types. You should ask your child what their story was about - we're sure they would love to tell you! 

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you ready for the last week of half-term on Monday! 


Year 2 Team.


PS Don't forget that on Wednesday (25th) we are having our mad science day and the children (and grown-ups!) are encouraged to dress up like mad scientists! 

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Our Winnie the Witch stories are complete! They are so magical and brilliant. This week we have begun the editing process. We always edit our work with purple polishing pens to ensure that it is our best work. We always read through very carefully to check we are including different sentence types, a variety of (accurate) punctuation and of course correct spellings. In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of place value to make addition and subtraction easier. Did you know that if  you add or subtract a multiple of 10, the units stays the same? In history we have been learning about the legend of the Sword in the Stone. It's a legend because lots of people think it's factual history but actually we don't have any evidence to prove it. We know there was a real warrior called Arthur but we're not sure he was ever a King or if there was ever a magical sword in the stone. We looked at how clothing, food and houses have changed since the time of King Arthur. A lot has changed! Ask us to find out what!

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What a busy week! We hope you all had a lovely bank holiday Monday. We have finally finished our spooky art work. We worked with Mrs Conroy to create a sunset colour background, then used black paint to  blow on a silhouette of a spooky tree. They look fantastic. Please feel free to pop in and look at the display! In PE we have been learning ball skills, which is teaching us key skills for playing Rounders (bring on the Summer!) In English we have planned our own Winnie the Witch story. This includes features such as an adventure, character descriptions and a magical resolution. In maths we have been going over how to partition numbers to help us add and take away. Please ask us how to do this at home!

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In science we have been learning about chemical and physical reactions. The lesson started with some mystery ingredients which when combined created a miniature explosion. We followed this up by investigating oil and water. Did you know that oil doesn't mix and dissolve in water? In geography we have been learning more about Tocuaro (in Mexico). Winnie's sister Wilma is on holiday there so we needed to plan a route for Winnie to visit. This involved learning all the names of the oceans and continents. See how many we remember? In maths we have been going over how to solve fractions of numbers. This has been a little tricky but we persevered and we think we've got it! In English we have spent time studying Winnie the Witch and writing character descriptions. We have been using adjectives and adverbs to make our writing better.

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In science this week we went on a spider hunt. Gross! We have been learning about habitats and were trying to help Winnie investigate where spiders like to live around our school. The most popular spider spots were dark, quiet places. In geography this week we compared Tocuaro in Mexico with Cambourne. Winnie's sister Wilma is there so we received a postcard from her and wanted to find out more. In maths we have been recapping our knowledge on shape. We have been focussing on 2D shapes that appear as faces on 3D shapes. Can you spot any around the house? In English we have immersed ourselves in Winnie the Witch books. We have been acting, retelling and sequencing the stories.

Picture 1


What a week! The children came into the classroom to a terrible sight. The classroom was destroyed, There was a spiders web in the role play, glitter everywhere and cat footprints around the room. There were all sorts of clues leading us to find out the culprit - Winnie the Witch. We spent the morning solving mathematical puzzles to discover the ingredients for a secret potion. Then in the afternoon we used our measuring knowledge to make  the potion! The next few days were spent finding out about our new topic Magic and getting back into the swing of things. Welcome back!

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The end of term has finally arrived! We've all been a bit tired this week but have still been working hard and finishing off our learning before the Easter holidays! We used our partitioning skills that we've been learning in Maths in order to help us solve some addition and subtraction word problems. In English we finished off our bee fact pages, writing them up neatly. Over the past few weeks we have found out some very interesting facts about them such as:

  • Bees have two stomachs - one is for a very special purpose, you should ask your child what it is for!
  • Bees have 5 eyes!
  • Bees cannot hear.

In Science and Geography we looked at local wildlife and why we might find certain animals in our gardens. Finally, we've been busy making some Easter cards and we hope you liked them!
Have a lovely Easter holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back and well in 2 weeks!


Have fun and be safe,

Year 2 Team!


Hooray - it feels like spring has finally appeared! The weather has been lovely this week (except for today)! We're hoping again for some rain this weekend to test if our rain gauges work! In Geography we have been busy learning about the seasons and the habitats of different animals. We also discussed how animals have adapted to enable them to survive in their different environments. In Maths we continued to use place value knowledge to enable us to subtract larger numbers e.g. 95-36 and in English we have been carrying on with our bee fact pages.

As you probably know, in the Ladybirds we have a class hamster called Herbie. We gave out a letter to ask if you would like to adopt Herbie for a weekend (or longer in the holidays!). If this is something you are interested in but didn't get a letter please come and see a teacher!


This week we have been busy as bees with our learning! In English we have been doing lots of research about honey bees and have started to plan our fact page so we can share what we have learnt with others. We have also been brushing up on our grammar skills to make our writing even better! In Maths we have been using our place value knowledge to partition numbers so we can add larger numbers together more accurately. It means we can do number sentences like 53+26 a lot more quickly! In Science we started to think about the weather and have made our own rain gauges. We are hoping for lots of rain this weekend(!) to see if they work. Over time we will hopefully be able to see how wet, or dry, Cambourne is. Finally we had fun in music, art and drama learning how music and drama can help us with storytelling, and how to recreate a Van Gough sunflower picture!


This week has gone so quickly. We have been learning about non-fiction books in preparation to write a fact page about bees. We learnt all the features that we must include as well as beginning to learn facts about wildlife. In science we learnt about life cycles (specifically the bees) and then learnt about food chains. We are consumers because we eat animals and/or plants. Plants are producers as they produce energy from the sun. In maths we have taken some time thinking about estimating objects and where a number is on a number line. We had a super PE lesson this week playing some fun football games with the help of Mr Shinn.


We started off the week by writing all about our exciting holidays. The children came in buzzing with excitement to find out about our new topic. After a long 2 day wait, on Wednesday Bob the Beekeeper (aka Mr Dawkins) came for a visit to tell us all about the life of a bee. This started our new topic off. It is called... SECRET GARGEN! We will learning all about our local wildlife, habitats and life cycles. The children have some brilliant bee facts, for example a Queen bee can lay 1000 eggs every hour. Ask them about it at home.   We have also started looking at time again, more specifically five minute intervals.


What a final week! This half term has absolutely flown by. After finishing our diary entries as Samuel Pepys, we edited them to make sure it was our best work, evaluated our writing and then finally wrote them out neatly on genuine charred parchment. We will be putting some up for display so please come and check them out after half term. In maths we have been continuing our money work, thinking about adding amounts together and finding change. This has been quite tricky but we always persevere in Ladybird class. Then finally on Thursday we held the Great Fire of Cambourne, going back in time to 1666 to find how the fire would have spread from Thomas Farriner's bakery. The wind helped to blow the fire from house to house and quickly our models turned to ash. Some of us were a little anxious about what would happen if we had an actual fire so we asked Fireman Colin to come in and have a chat with the children about fire safety. We learnt so much and really appreciated him coming for a visit. After such a busy and exciting half term the children deserve the break. No homework or spellings! See you in a week.


This week we have been finishing our diaries. We have worked really hard on these, taking ourselves back in time and imagining we were in the Great Fire of London! We had such a fun DT day on Friday, building our model Stuart houses out of junk modelling. They look very realistic and even have thatched roofs. This half term we have been working with the Newt class in gymnastics. We have created a sequence of positions and movements with a partner from the other class. Ask us to show you!

W.B. 25.01.16

Another busy week (as usual). After spending lots of time researching Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire we have now planned and begun writing our diary entries. We have travelled back in time and put ourselves in Samuel's shoes (which can be a bit tricky). We have loved our maths lessons as we have been learning about data handling. The children have been asking each other questions and presenting the information in tally charts, pictograms and bar graphs! We are working on our neat presentation in our maths books, as well as our English. We have also begun sequencing a gymnastics display - ask us to show you a tuck, pike and straddle.

W.B  18.01.16 

We have had such a busy fortnight! We are completely immersed in our Great fire of London topic - we have read extracts of Samuel Pepys' diary and  used our senses to imagine what it would have been like to be in London at the time of the fire. In Art we have used colour mixing to make firery backgrounds on which we will create silhouettes of Stuart houses. In Science, we learnt about germs and realised that our pretend germs (glitter!) get everywhere if we don't wash our hands properly. 

W.B. 05.01.16

We really hope you have had a fantastic break! We started our Spring term with an exciting Superhero drama workshop, followed by a dramatic introduction to our new topic "The Great Fire of London." The children have spent the week eagerly trying to find out more about London and the Stuart era! Next week we will be learning about Samuel Pepys.

W.B. 30.11.15

What a busy week of maths, English and a lot of rehearsals! The Christmas performance is taking shape and we are excited to show parents our play!! We have begun our countdown to Christmas! 21 days to go. We can't wait. During maths we have made sure we have mastered division, why not check this at home this weekend. In English we have finished our letter and have begun writing up our neat version to send to John!

W.B. 23.11.15

This week we have been learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in phonics. Test us on what these are!! We learnt about division, which involves sharing in to groups. We welcomed parents into class to come and watch us. This was very exciting. We finished writing our letter to John to thank him for our visit to Amey Recycling Centre. And of course we had lots of performance practices.

W.B. 16.11.15

As usual another busy week. During maths we have been consolidating our learning about multiplication and using different methods to solve these problems. Please continue to practice times tables at home to help children with this. Since our trip to the Waste Management Centre the children have been keen to send Mike and John letters to thank them for this brilliant day. This week we have looking at the structure of letters and planning them out. Next week we will write them. Winter is coming... which means Christmas production practicing has begun! Please practice lines at home with the children. Thanks :D

W.B. 09.11.15


What a fun week. Our school trip was postponed until Friday so we had a whole week to look forward to it. This week the children were so excited to find out about the Christmas Play. On Thursday the children were overjoyed to find out their parts and began learning their lines. Lots learnt already!! Next week we will begin practicing. In maths we've been practicing multiplication, and have begun by grouping and making arrays. The children are really confident with this already! In English we have received letters from Captain Planet and Mrs Wright about our recycling. We had great fun solving clues as to who sent them and creating a bank of questions for them both. In Art we have begun learning about another Pop Artist and are creating our own superhero. Watch this space for pictures. Finally Friday arrived and it was our school trip. It was such fun! We learnt ever so much! Did you know Pringle Cans can't be recycled?!? The adults were shocked.

W.B. 3.11.15

What a busy week. On Tuesday our Maths lesson was interrupted by an urgent letter from Captain Planet asking us to complete some recycling challenges for him. We spent the morning make useful things out of the rubbish from our bins! We then had a year discussion and decided our new topic is SUPERHEROES! So we have all had a go creating our own superhero (you should check out the display!) On Wednesday we had a visit from a man called Mike from the Waste Education Centre. He got us really excited about our school trip next week!! We have already learnt a lot about recycling. The rest of the week was spent learning to tell the time and replying to Captain Planet.

W.B. 19.10.15

What a fantastic last week of half term. Ladybirds have been so busy. On Monday we spent the morning working on some very tricky maths (the children did really well). We have also been learning about measuring liquid this week - we may have got a little bit wet. During English we finished writing our Autumn poetry with some brilliant rhyming couplets throughout! We have been recapping what we have learnt in geography and science (the children should be able to tell you all about this). On Wednesday we had such a fantastic day with our new houses for our Art Enrichment Day. It was such fun creating artwork with children from all over the school.  We have worked really hard this half term and need a well deserved break! 

W.B. 12.10.15

Another fantastic week. In maths we have been learning about measure - weight (how heavy something is) and length (how long something is). I'm looking forward to marking the children's homework this week! :D In English we have been listening to poems and we're starting to think about writing our own Autumn poetry with rhyming! In geography we went around the school plotting all the important things on map. In science we learnt about our heart rate this week and tested how fast it was after different exercises! Lots of fun learning. Have a great weekend.

WB 05.10.15

This week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Mrs Wright and Mr Emery came to watch one of our maths lessons and were VERY impressed with the children's learning. WELL DONE LADYBIRDS! We had such fun learning about Andy Warhol and creating our own Pop Art images. We will be creating a display soon... watch this space. We have also been editing and evaluating our Ugly Duckling stories to make sure it is our best work! We shared our edited stories with the Newts class. In Geography we created our own Imaginary Islands which are brilliant. We made sure we included a key. Make sure you check these out on our sharing afternoon in a couple of weeks!

W.B. 28.09.15

This week, in Maths, we have been learning how to solve word problems. To helps us solve these tricky problems we have followed the RUCSAC rules; Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer and Check. In English, we have finished writing our innovated Ugly Duckling style stories and have designed and made front covers to showcase them! In other news, we have enjoyed learning how to sketch our portraits and then added colour with pastels and tissue paper. We have continued thinking about our local area and have drawn bird's eye view maps of the route we took on our walk last week. Another great and busy week in year 2!











W.B. 21.09.15

This week we have been learning all about subtraction. The children have been using lots of methods to solve subtraction problems including using objects, jotting and number lines.  We have also begun writing our Ugly Duckling style story with titles such as "The Ugly Beetle", "The Tiny Tadpole" and "The Spotty Lion".  Watch this space for extracts...

In topic this week we have been learning about human and physical features, and locating them around Cambourne. Children have had  a lovely time keeping rhythm with music and acting in drama.