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No homework for this week

30.06.16 – Rio homework

Next week we are having our Road to Rio day taking part in activities based in countries on the route to Rio. Therefore for your homework we would you to research a country of your choice that will compete in the Rio Olympics. Try to include the geography of the country as well as information about the people and the culture.

Enjoy researching!


This week we would like you to draw a picture of an African animal and then use adjectives to describe what it looks like e.g. small, scaly, brown.


Challenge - think of adjectives to describe it's personality/characteristics e.g. fast, cheeky, loyal

16.06.16 Maths - Inverse operations

This week, we would like you to create a poster explaining the inverse to a younger child.

This should be colourful and informative. Try to include all operations if you can. This can go straight into your book.


Remember if 3 + 6 = 9, then 9 - 3 = 6 and if 5 x 7 = 35, then 35 divided by 5 = 7


This week, we would like you to research and make notes on an African animal of your choice. You could make notes on: appearance, diet, habitat, offspring, lifespan – and many other areas!  This research will help you to write a fact page about this animal next week so the more information you have, the better.

Please don't write the fact page for homework - just find out facts.


No homework or spellings over half-term. Enjoy the break, get lots of rest and come back refreshed and ready and raring to learn! 


No homework this week! Use this weekend as an opportunity to finish off any project work for Tuesday's sharing afternoon.

12.05.16 - Sunflower comprehension

This week we are having another go at some reading comprehension. Please check your child's homework book for the work.

05.05.16 - Minibeast comprehension

This weeks homework is a comprehension about minibeasts. Please read carefully and answer the questions in full sentences. Please check your child's homework book for their work.

28.04.16 - Fractions

Check your child's homework book for a fraction worksheet. Make sure you show some working.

17.03.16 - More grammar homework

This week the homework is all about contractions! Contractions are when two words are put together and an apostrophe is put in the place of the omitted letter. For example do not becomes don't.  Pleas come and see your class teacher if you or your child needs any help.

10.03.16 - Adding with place value homework

This weeks homework involves using place value and partitioning knowledge to add numbers together. We have found this method much more accurate than counting on our fingers! Have a go at home. If you don't seem to have a sheet please come and ask a teacher.

03.03.15 - Grammar Homework

This week the homework is all about grammar. In class we have been learning about verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. We sometimes get a little mixed up so we need lots of practice. Have a go at the grammar worksheet. If you didn't get one please ask the teacher for a spare copy.

25.02.16 - Time

This week we have been learning about time in maths. The homework this week is a time worksheet. If you didn't get one please come and ask your class teacher for a spare. We hope you have time for homework this week :D

04.02.16 - Money

This week the children have all been given a money worksheet. We have been learning about the value of different coins and adding coins together to make different amounts. Have a go at home. If you haven't got a sheet please ask your teacher.

28.01.16 - Data Handling

This week we have been looking at Handling Data. We would like you to carry out your own investigation. Ask your family and friends (try to ask as many people as possible) what their favourite flavour of crisp is. Record your data either in a tally chart, a pictogram or a bar chart. Remember to use a ruler! Enjoy investigating!

21.01.16 - Fractions Poster

This week we have been learning all about fractions. We would like you to make a poster to show your understanding. Some ideas - you could explain how to write a fraction, explain what a denominator/numerator is or how to know which fraction is bigger. Be creative and think carefully about your presentation!

14.01.16 - Spelling Homework 

This week we have given the children some past tense spellings, we would like them to write sentences with them - at least one sentence per spelling! 

07.01.16 - Fractions

This weeks homework is to find as many ways as possible to shade half of a square. Please ask me for grid paper if your child did not bring one home.


This week we have given the children a Christmas wordsearch to complete as well as their usual spellings. We have been working very hard at school and therefore we decided the children deserve something fun this week.


There will be no Maths homework this week, instead we would like children to practise their lines for the Christmas Nativity - please encourage expression!!! 

19.11.15 - Multiplication Homework

Differentiated multiplication worksheets have gone home for children to complete this week. If you do not have one or have lost yours please do not hesitate to come ask me!

12.11.15 - Multiplication Homework

This weeks homework is to practice your times tables.

5.11.15 - Maths Homework

As we have been learning about time this week, we would like you to create a timetable of your day (can be a school day or a weekend!). Please include times you do different activities. Be creative, pictures and drawings and even photos would make a super duper homework. Please think carefully about your presentation – make sure you are proud of your work!

Please complete on A4 paper so it can be stuck into your Maths book.




15.10.15 - Measuring Homework

This week if you have the chance we would like the children to have a go at some baking!! We have been learning how to measure weight this week and we would love the children to have some more real-life hands on weighing time. As evidence of the homework we would like a photo or a recipe... or possibly a sample of the baking. :D Yummy!

08.10.15 - Shape Hunt Homework

This week we would love you to go on a shape hunt around the house. Which shapes can you find? Can you describe the properties to your family? What 2D and 3D shapes can you see?

01.10.15 – Word Problem Homework

This week we would like children to create their own word problems for other children in the class to answer. These should be a mixture of addition and subtraction problems, and suitable for different abilities.

For example:

There were 7 ducks in a pond. 4 swam away. How many were left?

24.09.15 - Subtraction Homework


Using the number cards below. Make as many number sentences as you can. Complete on a separate sheet of paper.


=    -    +    8    6    4    2

17.09.15 - Addition Homework


For your homework this week, we would like you to create an A4 sized poster (must only be one-sided) to teach someone else all about addition.