We will be welcoming our children and parents back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019. Enjoy your summer break!
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In history we will be looking at seasides  in the past. We will discuss what things are different and what remain the same.  We will try and order seaside objects on a timeline from old to new. We will also look at the swim wear worn years ago and compare it to today. Finally we will watch a Punch and Judy show!


In history we will be looking at the work of Florence Nightingale and her influence during the Crimean war. We will be visited by a real life Florence, who will take us back to the war and show us the kind of work she did and the environment in which she lived. Through 'History Off The Page' we will enhance our understanding of the work of this remarkable woman.


This half term will be our first chance to get our teeth into some History in year 1. We will be looking at the history of toys, exploring how they have evolved over time and sorting them into chronological order based on their design. "It is always fun playing with old fashioned toys".