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In English we will be researching people who help us with the computers, ipads and classroom books. We will then be using this information to produce our own non-chronological report which we will make into a classroom fact book.



In English we will be writing instructions this term. We will look at a range of different instructions, reading, writing and following them. We will be set a task of writing a recipe to make a Biscuit Bear as we are reading 'Biscuit Bear' by Mini Grey. Once we have written our recipe, we will be swapping it with a friend and then trying to make the bear!



Our WOW day saw us travelling on a magic carpet to snowy lands.............. To introduce our new topic of 'FROZEN'.

In English we will be reading the book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We will base a unit of work around the text, culminating in the writing of our own 'Lost and Found' story.



In the second part of the Autumn term we all turn investigator and attempt to solve the crime of the missing toys! Over the next seven weeks we will be excitedly exploring our new 'Toy Story' topic, culminating in writing a re-count of the day Emperor Zurg stole our lovely toys!



In English this half term we are immersing ourselves in traditional tales to tie in with our topic 'Happily Ever After'. We will re-tell the tales using Pie Corbett actions, produce wanted posters for the Trolls, build our own Billy Goats Gruff display and innovate the story of The Three Little Pigs.

During the second half of term we will look at how we can help the witch in Hansel and Gretel catch little children! We will be producing a set of instructions to trick children into entering her sweetie house! We will also be making our own Gingerbread Man from a recipe we will have created ourselves!