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During this half term, pupils in Year 3 have been studying stories in imaginary settings. We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and thinking about creating our own imaginary settings using adjectives to describe our characters and settings. Next we will be focusing on persuasive writing, particularly looking at advertising of food products, including chocolate! This will help us when we try to persuade the Dragons in the Dragon's Den to invest in the chocolate bars we are creating.


This half term in English pupils in Year Four have investigated adventure stories, and ways in which to create drama and tension in their texts.  We have learned how to include fronted adverbials and conjunctions to help us achieve our best story language.

We will shortly be moving on to write explanations of powered flight, following our Duxford visit.  We will be looking at the features of an explanation and using technical language and our topic knowledge to write our own explanations.

During the Spring term, the Year Four pupils wrote an African story inspired by Anansi the spider, and their own sequel to The Lion King.  They also researched and produced non chronological reports on Africa and persuasive leaflets all about Cambourne.

This Summer term we will be writing detailed instructions, based on our Anglo Saxon studies.  We will also be planning and writing a story set in Anglo Saxon times.