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I love programming and know that a lot of kids do too. In support of their digital pursuits at home, here's some places they can learn how to code in a FUN way for FREE! - LESSONS
Purplemash is the online resources hub from 2Simple with lots of online learning resources, including 6 years worth of programming lessons (2Code). Feel free to use your child's class-account at home! (Their teacher can provide this) - GAME

I love this and it went down really well when I tried it with some Year 5s last year. It's an online game where children have to fight monsters and explore strange new worlds while using coding. You can even pick the programming language they want to learn. - DESIGNER
Scratch remains the most popular programming software for KS2 and KS3 children. Accounts are free and pupils can use the online editor to make and share their own programs. The learning curve can be rather severe for less experienced children, so exploring other children's work and looking at how it has been made is a good place to start.
This videogame maker from Microsoft challenges pupils to use their creative and programming skills to make their own games. (This has been very popular in programing club!)