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Welcome to Badgers class pages!  Click on the stars to find letters home, project and weekly homework and also photographs and  news of our  learning!  The Badgers have settled in well to their new class and we have already learnt a lot about the "Wild West", ready to begin writing some newspaper articles. The Badgers showed their cookery skills too, making pastry from scratch to produce some delicious "cowboy" pasties last week! This week we have learnt more about the different groups of people living on the American plains in the nineteenth century and met an archaeologist who showed us how to dig for objects from the past and how to date them too!  We have written some exciting Oregon Trail adventures based on our book this term, "Little House on The Prairie", and we enjoyed listening to extracts of these around the campfire during our cowboy day!  We also tried our hand at roping in cattle, and rounding them up and crossing the creek with all our belongings!  The Badgers rounded off their Wild West topic in style with their class assembly, and really shared all their knowledge with us! Well done Badgers!

The Badgers have begun learning about the universe we live in in our "Into Space" topic, making solar system mobiles and producing some amazing space themed abstract art.  These have really made the classroom look fantastic!  We have used our maths knowledge of numbers up to 1 million to help us understand the facts and figures we have learned in science about the solar system. We have also designed, built and launched our own rockets using a bicycle pump, some water and a ramp, the winning rocket travelled more than nine metres!  We have built on the knowledge we gathered at the National Space centre in our history lessons and now we are producing our own history projects based on an aspect of the history of space exploration that interests each of us.  On the 8th December we had a fantastic space day, making junk space models, building moon buggies, writing space stories, mixing space cocktails in the space café, learning about UFO's and comparing science fiction film clips.  Look on the special days section for some photographs!  After some exciting Christmas activities and a pantomime after the holiday the Badgers enjoyed a wonderful Ancient Greek day on 5th January.  We became master craftsmen and tried our hand at tiling, painting frescoes,  making clay jewellery, mixing medicine, making our own olive oil lamps and wax tablets.  In the afternoon after the Persian army had been defeated, we practised and performed plays, dances, poetry and sports displays before we ate an delicious Greek feast served by our well trained slaves! 

We have now really to got started on our topic properly and we have enjoyed learning more about the fascinating Ancient Greeks in history!  We have been reading  play scripts and performing them in English, and using our creative dance skills to mime and dance Ancient Greek myths in PE.  In art we have designed and made clay plates and we have looked at many Ancient Greek pottery art examples to inspire us.  The Badgers have also learnt all about levers in science, and to really test their understanding they built catapults using levers to recreate the siege of Syracuse, when the Roman Empire attacked Greece!  After half term we began our exciting " Money, Money, Money" topic, and the children enjoyed meeting local business people to learn how business works from the experts!  We then formed our own companies and set about designing products, logos and slogans, and organising our budgets!  The Badgers loved running their stalls at the business event in March, and the proceeds of over £200 have gone to Stars charity in Cambridge!  

This term we have been studying Cambridge, learning all about the way that Cambridge has changed over time, from the time it was a subtropical swamp to the beautiful University city we live so near to today.  We had a wonderful trip to look around, visiting Kings College, Peterhouse college and Castle Hill, and enjoyed a picnic on Christs Pieces.  The Badgers have designed beautiful Cambridge skylines with charcoal and written very descriptive poetry about their visit. 

We have had a very exciting half term so far!  We have already learnt lots about the Victorian era, as we have started our class book, "Street Child" and done some detailed research into the lives of working Victorian children ready for writing non chronological reports.  We experienced life in a Victorian school room during our Victorian day, and spent the afternoon learning about life in the workhouse, cleaning a life size chimney and making peg dolls.  We are also busy learning our songs and dance for the summer production "It Came From Jeavons Wood!" written by our very own Mr Pettit.  We have also visited the Year 5 careers fair, where we met lots of people who have very different jobs and tried some activities.  The Badgers had a great Archaeology day on 19th June, celebrating the discoberies of Roman- Iron Age settlements in Cambourne, see our special days page for some pictures!

Watch this space for more exciting learning news from the Badgers!