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Welcome to Badgers class pages! The Badgers have settled in well and are already very knowledgeable about our new topic "The Wild West".  We have been researching to write our own news articles, the Badgers have chosen to write about the Gold Rush, The Pony Express, The Native Americans , The Battle of the Little Bighorn and the new railroads!   We have worked in teams to decide whether to move west, and cooked some delicious "cowboy" pasties.  The Badgers have tried some practical maths, measuring and weighing for the Pony Express parcel post , mixing recipes for life on the Prairie and trying to calculate the perimeter of the playground without using a metre stick!

We have learnt so much about Space already, and are busy writing persuasive speeches based on the question "Is Space exploration worth the cost?"  We are very proud of our Solar System mobiles and knowledge of the planets from our science sessions.  We had a wonderful time at the National Space Centre enhancing our learning with a planetarium show based on the life of an astronaut, taking part in Moon base training , launching into space with Yuri Gagarin and seeing some real rockets!  We used all this knowledge to help us design and make our own rockets in DT, bonding nose cones and fins and considering streamlining to maximise the flight of our rockets!  When we launched them, using a bicycle pump and some guttering we had wonderful results, with many rockets travelling over twenty metres!  The Badgers have really enjoyed their "Space Day", we have made junk space vehicles, written some exciting science fiction stories and comic strips, enjoyed a virtual reality space experience and visited the "Space Café" to measure out and make our own space drinks.    We finished off with a chance to watch some different clips from science fiction films to collect ideas for our science fiction story writing.  The Badgers were looking very galactic in their costumes, well done Badgers on a great finish to our Space topic!

The Badgers have had a wonderful start to 2017, with a pantomime which made us all laugh and a day of inspiration and learning with "History Off the Page" to start our "Groovy Greeks" topic on 6th January.   With the guidance of Andreas our Ancient Greek visitor we made wax tablets, clay charm bracelets, cures for all kinds of illnesses, oil lamps, painted frescoes and visited the Oracle at the Greek Temple.  Meanwhile we learnt about the raging battle of Marathon against the Persians and the ways in which the Ancient Greeks made democratic decisions.  We finished with a celebration to mark the victory for Athens against the Persians, with some dramatic performances of marching, dancing, and plays.  The slaves served a delicious Greek feast of bread, cheese, dates and honey cakes for us too!  We loved learning more about Ancient Greece in the weeks that followed, and were especially proud of our Greek clay plates, Ancient Greek Myth dances and play scripts!

The Badgers have come back to school after half term with lots of enthusiasm and have spent time learning about the events that have shaped the history of Cambridge.  We have  written some beautiful, and sometimes funny, poetry about the sights and landscapes of Cambridge, and we enjoyed sharing our poetry with our Mums for Mothers day on 24th March!  We are also proud of our explanations of how and why Cambridge has changed over time, and we were very delighted to see some of the buildings and special attractions of Cambridge on our trip on the 28th March.  We wondered at the Fan Vault ceiling in Kings College Chapel, watched punts on the river and climbed to the top of William the Conquerors castle on Castle Hill to admire the view! Look at our special days section to see some photos.  Thank you for supporting your son or daughters learning! 

The Badgers are busily planning for our business event on May 24th.  They have taken on the challenge of running their own stall, staying within a budget and hopefully making a profit for charity! To help us get to grips with this task we met four local business people on Friday 21st April who shared their top tips for success with us!  The Badgers enjoyed asking them searching questions and had to use their maths skills to learn about investment, profits and overheads.  They looked at lighting and lunch products, and mattresses  and some of the services our visitors provide for their customers, including dance lessons and padel games.  Now we are working on putting that good advice into action,  and after weeks of learning and preparation the  Badgers ran successful stalls at our Pop Up Market in aid of Reach!  We are delighted to share with you that the overall profit was £230!   See our special days for photos of the preparations and the big day.   We have some keen budding entrepreneurs in Badgers class, and we were very proud of the initiative, maturity and team work they displayed. Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended and supported the children in this venture. 

We are now starting to rehearse our role in the Upper Key Stage Two performance of Oliver and we have been learning lots of fascinating facts about the Victorian era in English and history lessons! Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our class assembly, the Badgers enjoyed sharing their learning with you all!

Watch this space for other exciting learning news from the Badgers!

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