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Growing Together

Autumn Term

Celebrating Divali

Celebrating Divali 1 Making Coconut Burfi sweets
Celebrating Divali 2 Mix, mix, mix!
Celebrating Divali 3
Celebrating Divali 4 "Let's make some pink!"
Celebrating Divali 5 Learning about Divali
Celebrating Divali 6 We listened really well
Celebrating Divali 7 We learnt about Diva lamps

Halloween Fun Day!

Halloween Fun Day! 1 Our spooky Pumpkins
Halloween Fun Day! 2 Balloon play
Halloween Fun Day! 3 We enjoyed exploring the pumpkins
Halloween Fun Day! 4 Painting spooky pictures
Halloween Fun Day! 5 We danced and played Musical Bumps
Halloween Fun Day! 6 Happy Halloween!

Making Firework pictures!

Making Firework pictures! 1
Making Firework pictures! 2

Exploring Water Beads!

Exploring Water Beads! 1 The children filled up bottles
Exploring Water Beads! 2 and we introduced concepts 'full' and 'half full'

Parachute play on a windy day!

Parachute play on a windy day! 1

Remembrance week

Remembrance week 1 The children helped to make a poppy wreath.
Remembrance week 2 We shared it in the Remembrance assembly
Remembrance week 3