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Archaeology Day 2018

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On 19th June the children at Jeavons Wood celebrated the recent discovery of a Roman-Iron Age settlement near the Village College.  We tried Roman and Iron Age art, such as making mosaics and pottery, and also tested a Roman and Iron Age menu!  This included cooking bread over an open fire!  The children made Iron Age roundhouses and learnt how to embroider Iron Age patterns and designed helmets and shields in the style of the Roman Army.  Outside they were put through their paces by Marcus, a Roman soldier who was visiting us for the day!  He was very impressed with the attitude of his new recruits!  The KS2 children also learnt Latin phrases to write on wax tablets, and investigate a website written just for us at Jeavons Wood showing every single artefact dug up in the Cambourne area. The children also had the chance to learn about Zoo-Archaeology from a real archaeologist who was in charge of the Cambourne dig, and  they matched animal teeth and learnt about how bones can hep us understand the past.  The children also had the opportunity to dig for finds themselves and sort them, which they proved to be very good at!  They were supported by staff and volunteers and also pupils from year 8 at Cambourne Village College who took part in the actual dig!  We were lucky to have the Young un's music group working with the children too, telling stories and composing raps which we listened to at the end of the day.  All the visitors commented on the curiosity, good manners and great learning they found among our children and we all had a great day!