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Happy New year! We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. We are looking forward to seeing you all again.


On Friday 5th January, we will be having our Titanic Wow day, where the children will have the opportunity to come to school dressed as either a 1st or 3rd class passenger ready to board the Titanic!

It's Christmas!!

We are all feeling very festive this week in Squirrels and we are enjoying the last few days of term with Christmas jumper day, class parties and festive activities.

Squirrels would like to wish everyone  a very Merry Christmas!!

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This afternoon we used clay to create the start of our own Stone Age necklaces, next week when the clay has dried we will attach it to some string.

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Squirrels had an amazing time at Wandlebury last Friday. All of the class were so well behaved and really enjoyed all of the activities. Here is just a peek at some of the things we were up to.

Wow! Our first morning back for the new term was amazing! We travelled back in time to the Stone Age and began to learn about the people that lived at that time. First we made Stone Age tools with rocks, sticks and string and then we learnt some fascinating facts sat by the fire.

After break we created our own Stone Age shelters, decided what we would like to find out about this term and even recreated Stonehenge using plasticine.

We are all really looking forward to this term!

Our first topic in Year 3 was Chocolate! We really enjoyed finding out lots of facts about it as well as looking at the history of the Mayans. We all designed and created our own chocolate bar and we even had our own 'Dragons Den' by giving persuasive speeches to try and sell our product.

We have all loved our first term as Squirrels!

During science we were exploring what the particles would look like for solids, liquids and gases. Can you guess which picture is for which state of matter?
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As part of National Poetry Day year 3 performed the Chocolate poem complete with actions that we created ourselves.
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Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon at the Cocoa Jeavons restaurant. They thoroughly enjoyed being served their savory snacks and delicious chocolate. 

The children reviewed their experience at Cocoa Jeavons using some fantastic 



We are all looking forward to this term and the Chocolate project.