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On Tuesday afternoon (5.9.17) Year 4 made their way to Gate 4 at the JW Airport to board a round the world flight. After watching an inflight safety video, we took off and could see the clouds rushing by the wings of our plane. We landed in an unknown destination and had to find Mrs Orange to get some picture clues. Using ipads and atlases we then had to find out what city and country we had landed in, as well as the language we would have to speak, the currency to use and research some facts of our own. We each had our very own passports where we could record all our information. In the course of the afternoon we visited; New York, Rio, Egypt, Sydney and Beijing! We even found out the distance travelled and duration of each flight. We certainly had a case of jet lag by the time we landed, but what a fun way to kick off our Flight topic!

Helicopter Flying!

Helicopter Flying! 1
Helicopter Flying! 2
Helicopter Flying! 3
Helicopter Flying! 4
Helicopter Flying! 5
Helicopter Flying! 6
Helicopter Flying! 7
Helicopter Flying! 8
Helicopter Flying! 9
Helicopter Flying! 10
Helicopter Flying! 11

Taking Flight in Science

This afternoon (Monday 18th September) the Woodpeckers have been looking at the force of air resistance and flying helicopters in the classroom. After making the rotor blades and investigating the impact of both gravity and air resistance, as well as how the blades rotate, we then had to chose an element to change and investigate. 

We could look at the impact of having blades of different sizes, the weight on the end of the blades and changing the size and length of the blades themselves.

We had great fun testing out our theories and seeing the affects of the changes. We'll now be able to report back our findings to each other and decide where we want to take our science learning next.